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Funding rules 2012/13

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Funding Rules 2012/13 April 2012 Of interest to Providers Funding Rules 2012/13 Version1 This document sets out the rules for funding and associated evidence requirements for the funding year 2012/13, effective from 1 August 2012. For the first time this puts in one place the rules for funding and will combine the supporting audit evidence required to support them. This replaces the various Funding Requirements documents that currently exist. 2 Foreword Following consultation with Providers and employers the Agency has, for the first time, produced a single document which sets out the Funding Rules for the 2012/13 funding year. We have removed all guidance notes and supporting documentation used in funding publications for previous years. This key outcome of our consultation with the sector means that Providers and employers now have a single, consistent and coherent set of Funding Rules that explain clearly how Agency funding is provided and the conditions attached to it. We will be issuing an updated document in May 2012 which will include the supporting audit evidence requirements. For the first time we will consolidate the Funding Rules and associated evidence requirements for all of our funded provision into one document. The document published in May will also give us the opportunity to make adjustments where areas of clarification are needed, particularly those where the sector thinks any specific rules could be made clearer. This supports the Agency’s stated aims of reducing bureaucracy for employers and Providers, simplifying the funding system and improving the way we communicate with the sector. A move from funding guidance to rules is a key aspect of our ambitions in simplifying the funding system. The funding system is much more than the funding formula and rates that we pay. The Agency is committed to continuing to work with the sector in order to review and refine this document so that it remains fit for purpose in future years, parti

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