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Evaluation Research on the Quality of the Railway Passenger Service Based on the Linguistic Variables and the Improved PROMETHEE-II Method

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  • Linguistic Variable
  • Triangular Fuzzy Number
  • Promethee-Ii
  • Linguistics


The evaluation of quality of the railway passenger service is an important way to know the quality of the railway passenger service. This paper firstly constructs an evaluation indicator system of the quality of the railway passenger service on the foundation of the related literatures, and constructs the multiple-attribute evaluation matrix and indicator weight vector based on the linguistic variables. Then the linguistic variables are transformed to triangular fuzzy numbers, and the priority relation based on the evaluation of the “common rule” is constructed using the improved PROMETHEE-II method. Then the fuzzy positive flux, fuzzy negative flux and fuzzy net flux are calculated. According to the triangular fuzzy number expected value of the net flux, the order of the projects is confirmed. Finally, the evaluation model is used to the evaluation of passenger service quality of three railway station of Ji’nan railway Administration. The application instance shows that this method is easy to use and can be used widely.

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