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20세기 프랑스 시의 풍경과 신화적 공간구조

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  • 신화
  • 풍경
  • 발레리
  • 클로델
  • 본느푸아
  • 인류학적 상상력
  • 뒤랑
  • 상승과 하강
  • 상반성
  • 화해
  • 총체성
  • 유토피아
  • 『매혹』
  • 『동양의 인식』
  • 『저 뒤쪽 나라』
  • Literature


It can be seen in the literary world of Paul Valéry, Paul Claudel and Yves Bonnefoy, the spatial dilemma respond to the vertical tension between Heaven and Earth, between transcendence and nature, which is dependent on a huge symbolic system of 'the ascent and the descent. Our study focuses on this dynamic aspect, highlighted by the bipolarity of movement and space, especially in the 'scenery' in this three poets. This study is ongoing about the 'mythical thought'. This is the approach of the two critical methods may be quite different. Because mythocriticism interested in "revealing a relevant dynamics of imaginary", while the study of 'scenery' helps us to understand the dynamics in the soul's most intimate and personal of the writer. We do not intend to insist on the opposition between personal unconscious and collective unconscious. We are interested in the analogy that may exist between the structure of mythic space and the space in texts today. We note that the nature of myth, constructed by oppositions, fundamental contradiction, is represented in the landscape of the three poets. The scenerys of Charms of Valery, Knowledge of Eastern of Claudel, and the Backcountry of Bonnefoy, provide illustrations of "opposing forces" that organize the literary space. We first find the ascensional symbolism, represented in the heroic soaring of figures in these works. This is related to "the diurnal regime", representing the epic, accented by Durand. However, we can see the conversion of values and images, in returning to an imaginary world ‘féminoïde’ and breast. The alimentary gesture and reclamation of femininity subordinate the spaces of poetry to "the night regime" or the mystical symbolism of the Imagination. Following the apparent opposition, irreconcilable paradox, there will be a synthesis of those opposed. The scenary of the three poets, dominated by the irreducible ambiguity between Heaven and Earth, between soul male and female, tends, at bottom, towards unity, and translates research to build the new total world. The utopia as conceived by Valery, Claudel and Bonnefoy, is finally the united space in which the extremes of the universe around them are resolved.

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