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Using a follow-on survey to investigate why use of the visitor, singleton and facade patterns is controversial.

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Context: A previous study has shown that software devel- opers who are experienced with using design patterns hold some con icting opinions about three of the more popular design patterns: Facade, Singleton and Visitor. Aim: To identify the characteristics of these three patterns that have caused them to generate such differing views. Method: We employed a qualitative follow-on survey of those developers who had taken part in the earlier survey about design patterns. Results: We received 46 usable responses from a possible total of 188, with nearly 85% of respondents having six or more years of experience with design patterns. Of these, 27 also provided comments and descriptions of experiences about the patterns, which we categorised. Conclusions: All three patterns can easily be misused and in each case, the consequences of misuse are regarded as being particularly significant.

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