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Hypersensitivity reactions in mucous membranes:II. An investigation into induced hypersensitivity lesions in the mucous membranes of laboratory animals

Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology
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DOI: 10.1016/0030-4220(63)90143-9
  • Oral Medicine


Abstract In this article we have attempted a preliminary simplification and consolidation of modern ideas on the various types of hypersensitivity reaction, their relationship to immunity reactions as a whole, and the mechanisms involved in their production. We have described experimental work carried out on the oral mucosa of susceptible laboratory animals to investigate the relative facility with which hypersensitivity may be induced via this route (as compared with the skin) and the vulnerability of the mucous membrane in relation to the production of ulceration caused by localized hypersensitivity lesions of both the immediate and the delayed types. It was found that the animal could be sensitized via this mucosal route just as easily as via the skin, and that sensitization via either route rendered the animal susceptible to lesions on both the skin and the mucosal surfaces. Ulceration due to the immediate type of hypersensitivity required concentrations and conditions which were most unlikely to be found in any animal under normal circumstances, whereas the delayed type of ulceration could be produced under conditions which approximated far more closely the naturally occurring ones.

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