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Games 2.0 jako próba konstrukcji społeczno-kulturowego perpetuum mobile

  • Computer Software
  • Economic Anthropology
  • Economic Sociology
  • L86 - Information And Internet Services
  • Z1 - Cultural Economics


Increase in popularity of games like "Second Life" has contributed not only to significant changes in the development of the electronic entertainment industry. Promoting Games 2.0, the new trend of video game production that are assumed to be the virtual worlds that contain user-generated content (eg, graphics, music, animations) makes both measured with a specific technological innovation, as well as a serious change in the organization of socio-cultural heritage. The article presents problems of the existing difficulties of terminology, the implications of the availability of Games 2.0 for social life, the concept of leisure as work in the new economy and creative non-material and the characteristics of "Generation C." Work stresses the need for discussion on trends in the development of video games - defined as a choice between the projects' of "socio-cultural ideology of perpetual motion" and "utopia of universal creativity." These approaches allow to identify the methodological basis for analysis of relations between the operators and users of Games 2.0, taking into account the wider social environment.

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