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1.1 Wood Identification (1. Anatomy of Sulawesi Woods)

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Micrographic Atlas of Togian Island Species, Sulawesi, Indonesia. In this study, Togian wood species including 24 families of 36 genera, or 74 timbers have been identified macroscopically and microscopically. In this Atlas, the structure of each timber was provided 3 sections and the important anatomical features was also presented. The timbers from 6th and 7th shipment was in the form of board samples. They have been studied their physical, mechanical and technological properties. Sample trees mainly Togian woods were collected from Togian island with the cooperation extended by Matsushita Denko. The botanical names, vernacular or commercial names, designations and number of shipment are listed for each timbers in Table 1. The botanical species of some timbers are identified because they are mono species in Togian island. But some of them, for example, Myristicaceae is only mentioned its family name. This Atlas contains only micrographs without any anatomical descriptive matter. Some of the characteristics of tested timbers are listed Table 2, Density, percentages of Brittle-heart, Silica content, Interlocked grain, Color, Texture and Diameter of log.

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