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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to James L. Goddard

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A-at 9, 1967 Dr.James L. Goddard Food and Drug Administration 200 c street, S.W. Weshington, D. C. 20024 Dear Jim: I em sorry if I confused you with xy request for e weekly news bulletin, but thet was my ovn confused recollection. Pehhsps it was the drug recall notices thet you had in mind, or rather thet I remembered, and I really would not went to be burdened with that. I thought there vbs some other service concerning nev developments in therapeutics that your agency was putting out and which wss, for example, being syndiceted to some of the labor unian publications; but my recollection of this is now sex-y vague end I would ask you not to waete any more time on it. 9 One rather exciting thing that you told me about had to do with some epi- s dmiological evidence for raoderate intellectual impairment as a result of early Virus infections. The only publication I have been able to find on b this is by Dougloa in the British Medical Journal for November 21, 1964, and he reported quite iaconcluaive effects, whatever there were being attrib- % utable to confounding with socio-econmic stratification. This had to do x7 with measles. If the work you had in mind has been published I would very much appreciate a reference to it. I Gincerely yours, Joshua Lederberg Professor of Genetics

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