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Investigation on synthesis, characterization and hydrogenation behaviour of hydrogen storage material: Fe1−xZrxTi1.3 (x = 0.2)

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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DOI: 10.1016/s0360-3199(98)00145-1


Abstract The present study is aimed at investigations on the structural and microstructural characterization and hydrogenation behaviour of Zr substituted Fe 1− x Zr x Ti 1.3 ( x = 0.2) alloys. This storage alloy has been synthesized using R.F.induction melting under an argon atmosphere in a previously outgassed graphite crucible. The structural characterization (XRD) has revealed that the as-synthesized sample is multiphasic in nature and embodies the phases FeTi, Fe 2Ti, FeTi 2 and Ti. Microstructural evaluations (SEM) exhibited the presence of interfaces and cracking. The P–C isotherm was determined and it showed the storage capacity of ∼1.20 wt.% at 200°C. The activation as well as desorption kinetics (75% desorption of H 2 in 6 min) were found to be better for Zr-substituted alloy (Fe 0.8Zr 0.2Ti 1.3) as compared to FeTi 1.3. The improved activation and desorption kinetics are thought to be due to presence of several interfaces e.g. Fe(Zr)Ti⧸ Fe(Zr)Ti 2, Fe(Zr)Ti⧸{Fe(Zr)} 2Ti and volume expansion induced cracking of Ti.

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