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North Carolina one-thousand-dollar coupon bond, 1863

North Carolina Collection Gallery, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publication Date
  • Liberty
  • Ops (Roman Deity)
  • Wasps' Nests
  • Capitols
  • Worth
  • Jonathan
  • 1802-1869.
  • Courts
  • Daniel W.
  • Vance
  • Zebulon Baird
  • 1830-1894.
  • North Carolina
  • Civil War


One-thousand-dollar unassigned 1863 coupon bond of the State of North Carolina; printed by J. T. Paterson and Company of Augusta, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina; printed in black ink with bond certificate andinvestment terms in top portion of sheet and sixty thirty-dollar coupons attached in lower portion; bond decorated with images of Public Treasurer Jonathan Worth in top-left corner, the Roman goddesses of liberty (Libertas) and plenty (Ops) at top center, North Carolina Governor Zebulon B. Vance in top-right corner, State Capitol near bottom-middle border, and repeated image of hornets’ nest in bottom-left and bottom-right corners; handwritten preparation date of bond “first” [day of] January. [18]63” on last line of conditions, handwritten serial number “3424” near middle-right border, Great Seal of the State of North Carolina lightly embossed in circle in lower-left quarter, handwritten signatures of “Jona[than]. Worth,” public treasurer, and “Z[ebulon] B. Vance,” governor, flanking vignette of State Capitol; below this are sixty coupons with “30” at top corners, corresponding serial number “3424” written by hand on each coupon, as is signature of “W[illiam] H Dodd” on behalf of the public treasurer.

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