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Correlation of patterns of anchorage-independent growth with in vivo behavior of cells from a murine fibrosarcoma.

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The pattern of in vitro anchorage-independent growth of tumor cells from the murine UV-2237 fibrosarcoma correlated with their ability to produce experimental metastasis in vivo. When seeded into 0.3% Noble agar semisolid medium, cells of metastatic clones developed into larger tumor colonies at a faster rate than did cells of clones with low metastatic potential. Furthermore, when tumor cells were plated into 0.6% Noble agar, colony development by cells of low metastatic potential clones was almost completely restricted. Tumor cells from the heterogeneous parent UV-2237 fibrosarcoma were plated into dishes containing 0.6% agar semisolid medium. In separate experiments, 16 colonies were isolated 2 weeks thereafter and were established as individual cell lines in monolayer cultures. All of these cell lines produced experimental metastases as determined by in vivo lung colony assay. The data suggest that anchorage-independent growth of UV-2237 tumor cells in 0.6% Noble agar semisolid medium is selective and permits the isolation of metastatic subpopulations.

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