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do7.PDF AN ASSESSMENT OF URBAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS IN ECUADOR by Douglas Southgate Kenneth Frederick John Strasma Allen White Lori Lach John Kellenberg Patricia Kelly Delivery Order No. 7, 60 pages, June, 1995 For more information or copies of this publication, contact: Douglas Southgate Agricultural Economics Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio 43210-1099 Tel: (614) 292-2432 Fax: (614) 292-4749 Email: [email protected] Produced by: Ellen A. Maurer Communications Director EPAT/MUCIA-Research & Training University of Wisconsin-Madison 1003 WARF Office Building 610 Walnut Street Madison, WI 53705 USA Tel: (608) 263-4781 Fax: (608) 265-2993 email: [email protected] * Some figures and/or tables included in the printed version of this publication could not be included in this electronic version. If you need copies of these figures or tables, please contact the author. REPORT INFORMATION This report was prepared under contract DHR-5555 Q-00-1087-00 for the Regional Housing and Urban Development Office (RHUDO) and the Quito Mission of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID-Quito) by the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA), which is the prime contractor for the research component of USAID's Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Training (EPAT) Project. CONTENTS ACRONYMS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ABOUT THE AUTHORS I.INTRODUCTION: POTABLE WATER SUPPLIES AND SEWAGE MANAGEMENT 1. Urbanization and Pollution in Latin America 2. The Environmental Challenge Facing Ecuador's Cities 3. USAID's Contribution to Improved Urban Management in Ecuador 4. International Interests 5. Outline of This Assessment 6. References II. POTABLE WATER SUPPLIES AND SEWAGE MANAGEMENT 1. Water Institutions in Ecuador 2. Water Supply and Sanitation in Quito 3. Water Supply and Sanitation in Guayaquil 4. Water Supply and Sanitation in Machala 5. The Health Impacts of Inadequate Potabl

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