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Multilayered and Selective Higher-Order-Deformable Sandwich Finite Element Modeling for Numerical Accuracy Improvement

Elsevier Ltd
DOI: 10.1016/b978-1-85573-831-7.50067-5


ABSTRACT Multilayered, higher-order-deformable and hybrid treatments are keys to numerical accuracy improvements of finite element analysis of composite and sandwich structures. In this context, the conventional displacement-based equivalent-single-layered and first-order-shear-deformable isoparametric shell finite element models are quite powerless for the multilayered composite and sandwich structures. This is especially true when one needs to numerically analyze composites and sandwiches in unusual states such as considerably severe transverse shear deformed situations and delamination-like damage states. In this study, new multilayered and higher-order-deformable finite element models will be proposed for accurate displacement and stress analysis of structural sandwich composite materials. The proposed model employed the flexible and versatile displacement assumptions for each of the three layers in sandwich-type constructions. The displacement assumptions for the core layer should be higher-order-deformable since this intermediate layer is thick and low modulus, while those of the upper and lower layers can be modeled as lower-order-deformable, such as first-order-shear-deformable, since they are thin and stiff. In the present finite element formulation, the displacement continuity constraints at the layer interfaces are enforced by invoking the penalty function method, in which the adhesions between the adjacent layers can be achieved with the penalty parameter virtually set to be infnitely large. In addition to the finite element formulation and then the program coding, a numerical example of a square sandwich plate subj ected to uniformly distributing load were also shown, which showed, for the displacements of the core layer to be accurately modeled, the higher-order-deformable model should be used.

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