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ALLFlight: a full scale pilot assistance test environment

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  • Hubschrauber
  • Pilotenassistenz


The DLR internal project ALLFlight (Assisted Low Level Flight and Landing on Unprepared Landing Sites) deals with the development of an assistance system which allows the intuitive operation of a manned helicopter from start to landing. The system covers takeoff, intermediate low level flight and landing on unprepared sites in the presence of obstacles and in a degraded visual environment. The paper describes the setup of the full scale pilot assistance test environment and the integration into DLR’s Active Control Technology / Flying Helicopter Simulator (ACT/FHS) testbed. The unique ALLFlight full scale pilot assistance test environment gives the research establishment the opportunity to test the whole chain from sensors, via the data fusion and trajectory planning including active inceptors to modern flight control system techniques in real time in the real world during flight tests.

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