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J.K. Rowling began writing Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone at thelocal cafe as her infant daughter napped. After being published to rave reviewsin England, the book became a literary sensation and was voted British bookAwards Childrens Book of the year and winner of the Smarties Prize in 1997.Three sequels have now been published to equal critical acclaim. All of thebooks have been New York Times Best Sellers. Altogether Ms. Rowling plantsto write seven Harry Potter novels. Ms. Rowling lives in Edinburg, Scotland,with her young daughter. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone draws on along tradition of English fantasy works that seem to be for children but are infact of deep allegories of the human condition. Rowling herself has stated thather book is really about imagination and that practicing wizardry is only ametaphor for developing ones full potential. The aims of this research are todescribe the psychological influence of loss of parents to Harry Potter, thepsychological growth of Harry Potter with his foster family, the meaning offriendship to the psychological growth of Harry Potter caused by the goodinfluence of his friends. This research uses a qualitative method. The source ofthe data used in this research is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.Qualitative research resulting inventions that cannot reached out by usingstatically procedures or other quantifications way. This is because a qualitativeresearch examines peoples life, history organization, functional, socialmovement or kinship relation and descriptive data such as written words orverbal expression. The result of study shows the psychological growth of HarryPotter with his foster family has negative effect in Harrys character. Harrybecame untamed boy and he was unsure of his abilities but friendship helpedHarrys character development toward a healthy character.

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