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A reconstruction method of projection image on worker honeybees' compound eye

Elsevier B.V.
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  • Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition
  • Simulation And Modeling
  • Models And Principles
  • Computational_Intelligence/0202013


Visual perception by insect compound eyes have been interested in visual science fields for revealing neuronal principals of vision, and applying their small and simple structures to the artificial vision system. In order to investigate the animal behavior which related with sensory stimuli, it is important to take account into real input signals for nervous system. In the case of insect with compound eye, the projected scenery on compound eye is basic signal for visual information processing. In this paper, it is presented a reconstruction method of projected image on honeybee compound eye. This method can be estimated illuminance change of a single ommatidium surface. It would be applied to analysis of relevance between input images and retinal responses.

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