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A study of reproductive physiology in the male ocean pout Macrozoarces americanus

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  • Ocean Pout--Reproduction
  • Biology


A ST IIDY OF REPROD IICTlV E PHYSIOLOGY IN T ilE MAL E OCEAN POur MA CROZOAR CES A MERICANUS by Zhilnu WallB A thes is submitted to the Schoo l of Graduurc Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Dcparnncm of Biology Memorial University of Newfoundland 19% 51. John 's Newfound land 1+1 Nal:onalLlbfary01Canada SiblkllhCqve natco aeduCanada /'l,cQUl511icns and Direchondes acquisitionsel Bibliographic ServicesBranch des sevces b ibliographiques 3<JSW"IIO(I'on SI,cc! 395. "... Wcj.nglon ?,'.Z"'~?ja.., ~1~~OrIa"ol The author ha s granted an irrevoc able non-exclusive licence allowing the National Library of Canada to reprodu ce, loan, di stribute or sell cop ies of his/her thes is by any means and in any form or format, making this thesis available to interested persons. The author retains ownership of the copyr ight in his/her thesis . Neither the thesis nor substantial extracts from it may be printed or otherwise reproduced without his/her permission. L'auteur a accorde une licence irrevocable et non exclusive permettant it la Blbllotheque nation ale du Canada de reproduire, pretar , distribuer au vendre des copies de sa these de quelque manlere et sous quelque forme que ce soit pour mettre des exemplaires de cette these a la disposit ion des personne s interessees . L'auteu r conserve la proprlete du droit d'auteur qui protege sa these . NI la these ni des extraits substantiels de celle-ci ne doivent etre imprimes au autrement reproduits sans son autorisation. ISBN 0-612-17662-2 Canada ABSTRACT To provide more information on the reproductive biology of an intern ally fert ilizing marine species, a two-year study of the reproductive physiology of the male ocean pout (Ma r.rowarces a1llericalllls ) was undertaken. The physiological characteristics of the spawning season and sperm physiology, including the changes in the gonadosomatic index (GSI), plasma androgenic steroids, the timing

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