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“Types and Levels of European Attachment in Scotland and Wales”

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  • U.K.
  • Europeanisation/Europeanization & European Identity
  • Historical Development Of Ec (Pre-1986)


This paper is an early attempt at illustrating one possible technique for getting at both the type and the level of European attachments in a particular European Union member state. By limiting the focus to Scotland and Wales, I will be able to illustrate how the various European attachments in Scotland and Wales make interpretative sense given the four separate, but related, aspects of Europe delineated (Section III). Given that there are important similarities that exist between Scotland and Wales-the most notable being that they are nations that experience(d) the effects of European Union policies, the process of European integration and historical and contemporary relations with Europe primarily as a part of the United Kingdom-there may be similarities that exist across the types of European attachment that exist in Scotland and Wales. These similarities may help us to understand the impact that Britishness has on perceptions of Europe, European integration and the European Union (Section IV).

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