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Tackling Polytype Queries in Inconsistent Databases: Theory and Algorithm

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  • Relational Database
  • Inconsistent Data
  • Consistent Query Answer
  • First-Order Logic
  • Query Rewriting
  • Computer Science


To expand query types under a set of integrity constraints for obtaining consistent answers over inconsistent databases, a computational theory is proposed based on first-order logic. According to directed join graphs of queries and their join completeness, computational complexities of CQA are PTIME if query types are key-key, nonkey-key, incomplete key-key with acyclic join. This paper presents several algorithms to tackle a large and practical class of queries, which can obtain the rewritten queries for computing consistent answers. For a rewritable initial query, a consistent identification statement is constructed based on the join graph by recursive computation; and the statement combines with the initial query to construct a new first-order rewritten query for computing consistent answers. To acyclic self-join queries, the recursive rewriting algorithm cannot eliminate inconsistent tuples, so the initial query combines with the statement that eliminates them.

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