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A Mathematical Model of the Stage Theory Exhibiting Chromatic Response and Its Application

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  • Mathematics


 Young-Helmholzの3色説とHeringの反対色説を融合した段階説の数理モデルを構築することを試みた。色光の混合におけるGrassmanの第3法則を3色説と反対色説に適用して、3色説の3原色と反対色説の6基本色を相互に変換する混色式/脱混色式の導出した。この式を利用することによって、NCSと類似の表色系をコンピュータ画面上に容易に作成することが可能となった。また、反対色応答の機構を数学的に説明することも出来た。 An attempt has been made with construction of a mathematical model of the stage theory obtained by merging Young-Helm-holz's trichromatic theory and Hering's opponent colors theory. By applying Grassman's 3rd Law in the mixture of color lights to the trichromatic theory and opponent colors theory, introduction has been made with mixed color equation / de-mixed color equation with which 3 primary colors of the trichromatic theory and 6 fundamental colors of the opponent colors theory are interchangeable. Utilization of this equation has made it possible to form very easily the color order system similar to NCS on a computer screen. On the other hand, a mathematical explanation has been possible with the structure of the chromatic response.

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