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Clover Greaves Mill Dam, Carr Road, from a watercolour by Fred Swaine

  • Clover Greaves Mill
  • Carr Road
  • Fred Swaine
  • War.


Undated. Watercolour sketch by local man Fred Swaine (1858-1942) depicting the dam at Clover Greaves Mill, Carr Road. The mill dates from 1838 and was originally in the ownership of Kellett Brown & Co. Ltd who leased it to various firms. Grimshaw Brothers Ltd. manufactured tweeds, whipcords and Bedford Cords here, and during the war the mill supplied Khaki and airforce cloth. A fierce fire on 24th September 1909 caused £20,000 worth of damage. The mill was re-built and remained in operation until 1970. The mill chimney was demolished on 1st August 1970. A small housing estate was erected on the cleared site. Copyright Fred Swaine.

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