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Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging reconstruction with deformable shape-intensity models

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Style Guide Revised July 2013 - 1 - Style Guide Magnetic Resonance in Medicine The purpose of this Style Guide is to direct authors in the preparation of their manuscripts. It supplements and complements the Information for Authors printed in each issue of the journal. The aim of this guide is to improve consistency in the presentation of the articles and to minimize changes during the copyediting process. Adherence to these standardized guidelines will speed up the publication process and avoid costly changes. Article Organization and Presentation Title Page The title page should include the title of the work and a list of contributing authors. The use of abbreviations in the title should be avoided, unless they provide essential information, e.g., the point of the paper is to introduce a new method that will typically be abbreviated. The title page should also identify the corresponding author and their complete contact information. It should also include the word count of the body of the text (i.e., not including the title page, abstract, figure captions, tables, table captions, or references), institution information, running title and key words. Please see the Information for Authors for more detailed instructions. Only one author may be listed as the corresponding author. The corresponding author need not be the first author. Magn Reson Med prefers authors to be listed without details of relative status, but allows specifications of the contributions made by the co-authors in the Acknowledgement section of the manuscript. If the authors consider it essential and justified to indicate more prominently that two authors are equal in status, they may be identified by a dagger(†) with the caption ‘These authors contributed equally to this work’ in the author's footnote on the title page. If more than two co-authors are of equal status, however, this can only be indicated in the Acknowledgem

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