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QoS Management By Mobile Agents in Multimedia Communication

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  • Electrical Communication Engineering
  • Communication


In this paper we propose a mobile agent based QoS management system to satisfy the five functional principles of QoS architecture, i.e., integration, separation, transparency, asynchronous resource management and performance. The mobile agent paradigm is a unique paradigm in contrast to the traditional client/server paradigm in a problem inherently distributed and complex, such as QoS management. This paradigm saves a considerable amount of bandwidth and reduces network traffic. We present analytical and simulation models of a mobile agent based bandwidth negotiation and management system for multimedia communication. Response time of the mobile agent is computed with different number of retransmissions and the intermediate "hops" for both the models. It is observed that the response time of the agent increases with the increase in the number of retransmissions and the hops. We also show that the increase in the arrival of mobile agents would affect the admission of new multimedia applications.

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