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Effects of dredging on the natural turbidity regime of the northern Florida Keys

Florida Coastal Coordinating Council
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  • Turbidity
  • Turbidity--Environmental Aspects
  • Turbidity--Measurement
  • Dredging
  • Dredging--Environmental Aspects


A typical "hard-rock" dredge-fill project on the Atlantic side of Key Largo was monitored for 390 days in order to document the amount of suspended sediment produced, its distribution, and the effects on water clarity and biota near the dredge. The total project involved excavation of a 2000 x 50 x 10 foot entrance canal into Hawk Channel, plus 15,500feet of perimeter and other interior canals; only the entrance canal was monitored in this study, as it had the greatest potential for detrimental effects on water clarity and biota.

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