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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Gladys Borchers, University of Wisconsin--University Committee on Lectureships

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Professor Gladys Borchers, Chairman, University Committee on Lectureships, 257 Bascom Hall. ,. , il ‘.I Dear Prof esaor Borchers t ‘. < Z>’ 2Qfoa:w ~~‘~ap~.~ xxxtu&d~* .43yb&&Utureship Committee, I would appreciate your laying the PoUowing request before it, or protriding any pertinent suggestions. Dr. Emna Klieneberger-Nobel, of the Lieter Institute at London9 wrote me that ahe was planning to attend a conference in New York this November on the Microbiology of Cancer. At my instigation, she expressed a willingness to visit this caqus, and discuss her (remarkable) work on Filterable Forms of &ctRsia. In%erest in this subject has been especially stimulated by a review written by her and published recently h Bacteriological Reviews. I suspect that her remarks would be of the deepest interest to everyone on this campus, and there are a great many, who are concerned with the biology of bacteria. The Genetics Department will be able to’ furnish, from its own funds, $75 towards an e&lmated $&O which should suffice for Dr. Klieneberger’s expenses. It was hoped that the Lectureship Committee might be in a position to match our contribution. Departmsnts whose mambers would be especially interlbated in such a lecture include Genetics, Dacteriology, EZnagms Institute, Medical Microbiology, and Veterinary Science. Some of these departmsnta ares however, currently seeking funds to alLow vieits from scientists attend- the International Chemical Conclave, and I have therefore not attempted to solicit more tangible support for the lecture to which this letter refers. Sincerely, Joshua Ledsrberg, Associate Professor of &metic~

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