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Recirculating aquaculture

Cayuga Aqua Ventures
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  • Aquaculture
  • Sustainability
  • Resource Management
  • Fishery Production
  • Environmental Protection
  • Durabilite
  • Gestion Des Ressources
  • Production Halieutique
  • Protection De L'Environnement
  • Acuicultura
  • Sostenibilidad
  • Ordenacion De Recursos
  • Produccion Pesquera
  • Proteccion Ambiental
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Geography


Environmental and economic concerns are encouraging the aquaculture industry to move from open pond and cage culture systems to the more closely controlled recirculating systems. Typically recirculating (closed) aquatic production systems have higher capital and operating costs that many of the extensive systems such as cage culture in natural waters and raceway and/or pond culture systems. However, when the control provided by recirculating systems and the benefits this environmental control provides in terms of marketing, waste control, product quality, product availability, and other factors are considered, then recirculating systems become much more attractive. The objectives of this text are the practical application of aquacultural engineering and how to design, construct, and manage an aquatic production system.

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