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The globalization of intelligence since 9/11: frameworks and operational parameters

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  • Jz International Relations
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In the early 21(st) century we are witnessing the increasing globalization of intelligence. The phenomenon of international intelligence liaison is central to this process, an area where intelligence and international relations connect. This article highlights the key themes that are currently developing within international intelligence liaison relationships. It asserts that we can identify a trend towards 'homogenization' of intelligence and other law enforcement and security initiatives. It even suggests we may speak of something close to 'international standardization' among a widening group of partners. These processes are underway to establish viable frameworks and operational parameters for the intelligence liaison arrangements, together with addressing counterintelligence and other security considerations. These convergent 'regimes' contribute to the important processes of trust and confidence building, as well as their subsequent maintenance over time. In short, a 'best practice' approach is becoming 'normalized' operationally, facilitating the optimization of intelligence liaison arrangements.

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