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Particle-size effects on the value of $T_c$ of $MnFe_2O_4$: Evidence for finite-size scaling

American Physical Society
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  • Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit


$^{57}Fe$ Mossbauer measurements show that the $T_c$ of $\langle{12}\rangle$-nm particles of $MnFe_2O_4$ is higher than that of the $\langle{33}\rangle$-nm particles, which exhibit the bulk $T_c$ value (573 K). The $^{57}Fe$ isomer shift as well as the internal field are, however, independent of the particle size, as is the cation distribution determined by Mn and Fe extended x-ray absorption fine structure and Mn x-ray absorption near-edge structure measurements at different temperatures. The results confirm that the higher $T_c$ of the $\langle{12}\rangle$rim particles arises from finite-size scaling.

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