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ylc3200.tmp rail dock push-pull forks are too heavy for some trailers; (4) few grocery trail- ers are loaded with slipsheet unit loads; (5) a high percentage of the truck receipts are less than trailer loads which are typically not unitized, (6) a lack of incentive for wholesale distri- bution warehouses to use warehouse personnel to unload trucks when this function is usually performed by the car- rier, and (7) labor and insurance con- tracts may prohibit warehouse employees from entering trailers. FOOTNOTES lBouma, J. C. Truck unloading of manufacturer shipments at grocery distribution warehouses, U.S. Dept. Agr. ARS-NE-68, 23 pp. Feb. 1976. 2Bouma, J. C. and Shaffer, P. F., Feasibility of using a second unit load size for distributing groceries; from supplier to distribution ware- house. U.S. Dept. Agr., MT-NE-2, 20 pp. Jan. 1979. How then, can unitized shipment of grocery products on slipsheets be imple- mented? Probably, the first step needed would be to transfer the unloading allow- ance, now included in the tariff, from the carrier to the warehouse receiver who will unload the trailer. This will probably provide the incentive needed to get warehouse distributors to request product shipment on slip sheets. As indicated by Glen Johnson, the equipment needed for slipsheet unloading is now available. ********* THE PROS ANDCONSOFSLIP SHEETS by Glen R. Johnson Marketing Relations Manager Clark Equipment Company Battle Creek, Michigan Introduction Thank you for the opportunity to present another paper to the Food Distri- bution Research Society. It’s difficult to believe 20 years have passed since I became a charter member and presented a paper at the first meeting. It’s also a pleasure to participate in a panel dis- cussing a subject of great interest to all food distribution people. I happen to be one of the three originators of the 40 x 48 inches pallet concept and I am one of the three co- developers of the Pul-Pac slip sheet sys- tem of unit load handling. At the t

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