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Detection and Determination of Harmful Gas Utilizing Array Image

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  • Image
  • Cataluminescence
  • Sensor Array
  • Pattern Recognition


Carbon monoxide, acetone, chloroform and toluene are important air pollutants, developing sensitive, quick and reliable sensing analysis method is necessary. In our paper, a novel cataluminescence (CTL)-based sensor array consisting of nine types of catalytic materials is constructed for the detection and determination of these harmful gases. The sensing materials, including Nano-sized metal oxides, carbonates and decorated particles, are selected carefully. Each harmful gas gives its unique CTL pattern after interacting with the sensing materials, which can be employed to pattern recognition. PCA is exploited to classify the harmful gas and the score plot shows that the groups are well classified. In addition, the patterns obtained at different working temperature and the analytical characteristics are investigated. Experimental results show high sensitivity, long-term stability and good linearity of the sensor array, combined with simplicity, our system exhibits a promising application

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