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Letter from Anthony Loveless to Joshua Lederberg

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TELEGRAMS: CANCER,SOUlH KENS.LONDON. ~~~mi0f4~: FLAXMAN 1484-5.~ 4188. THE CHESTER BEATTY RESEARCH INSTITUTE THE ROYAL CANCER HOSPITAL, FU LHAY ROAD, LONDON,S.W. 3. 8th May, 1951. Professor J. Lederberg, College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin, Madison 6, U.S.A. Dear Professor Lederberg, Thank you for your letter dated 9th April: I enclose the reprint re+ested. The results which you quote are interesting and underline the dangers in looking for too high a degree of concordance in the response to chemical mutagens evoked in such widely different biological systems as are currently employed in this type of work, e.g. bacteria, fungi, +osophila and plant meristems. Certainly the highly reactive alkylating agents of the mustard and epoxide type seem to produce a universal response but in our experience, with plant meristems and animal tumours, this is confined to substances which readily esterify ionised acids. ThUS aldehydes and acid anhydrides which will react -OH or -NH2 do not produce similar effects. Iihen one comes to muta- tion produced by metabolite antagonists the divergence is, not aexpectedly, wider. I look forward to reading your published results. Yours sincerely, '4 '//-9c ,-ye - Anthony Loveless. 3

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