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Struktura a produkce čistých a smíšených porostů douglasky tisolisté na výsypkách Sokolovska

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Rekultivace
  • Sokolovsko
  • Lesnické Rekultivace
  • Douglaska
  • Vliv Dřevin
  • Recultivation
  • Sokolovsko
  • Forest Rucultivation
  • Douglas Fir
  • Influence Of Woody Plants
  • Medicine


Considering the fact that in the area of Sokolovsko is still mining, recultivation is an actual option. During a forest recultivation on anthropogenetic soil is a priority to plant trees in this area. To manage this we always have to select the right type of domestic or intoduced woody plant. Planting of the introduced woody plants is a topic of many discussions for the past years. Even though they have a high productivity as well as positive impact on the soil there is still a lot of opponents. Certainly we can not reject the planting of domestic woody plants. Some of them has a good quality growth but compare to the introduced ones the domestic woody plants reach the same growth in longer time period. This work confirms that douglas fir (Pseudotsuga mensiesi) which is one of introduced woody plants grows on antropogenetics substrates very well and it is the right woody plant for planting recultivation. Planting of introduced woody plants is not a bad choice but we always have to consider the rigt type.

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