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Descriptions of new Coleoptera from Madagasar, recently added to the British Museum Collection

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( 287 ) DeSC1'iptions of new COLEOPTERA fl'O'ln Maclagascw', 1'ecentZy added to the Bl'itish Jl£usemn Collection; by CRAS. O. W ATERUOUSE. A small collection of insects has recenl;ly been l'eceived at the British Musenm :trom Madagascal', They were collected hy Mr. Robert Toy in the forests in the neigh1JOlll'hooa of Antananarivo, Among the Coleoptera are some very interesting new :torms, pal't.icuhrly among the Lamellicol'ns and Longicorns, The following are the llew species ;- Adoretll8 stl'igatus, n. sp. Oblongo-ovalis, piceo-flavus, sat c1'eb1'o fortiter punctatus, puncti~ setiferis; thoraee utrinque strigu. nigra notato; pectore. abdomine pedihusque nigrescentibus pilosis, Long. 6_i 8~ lin., lat. 4-4~ lin. Of rather a broad, depressed form. Head, thomx and elytra moderately thickly and yery strongly punctmed; clypeus semicircular, densely and strongly plilletured, with the margin reflexed. Thorax strongly transverse, the sides gently Itl'cultte ; on each side, at a little distance from the margin, is a longitudinal black stripe. Scutellum sparingly punctured at the sides. Each elytron has the usual three costm iudicated by lines of plillctures. The punctures on the upper surface of the insect are furnished with short, stiff (hut decnmbent), pale hairs. On the lillderside the pubescence is TIner and longer. Adm'et1t8 vittattls, n. sp. Oblonga-ovaHs, convexlls, nitidus, piceo-niger; thomce media obscure castaneo; elytris vittis clun.bus flavo-piceis. Long, 9-10 lin., la.t. 5-5 -1 lin. AA2 288 Mr. WATEIUIOUSB'S DCSC1'iptions oj' This species is remarkable for its col<?l'ation, whic1~ sOlllewh~t l'eselllbles that of Anticltira cincta. It IS almost eutn'ely destI- tute of pubescence on the upperside. Thorax moderately convex, shining, the disc generally castaneous and smoot}:, the~'e are a few punctures scattered over the sides, and thero IS au lrr.egular triangular patch of rather strong punctures all oach rude of the base. Scutellum wit

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