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The length of the links comply with the condition: D͞0=2p, where p is the distance from the focus of parabola q-q to its directrix. Link 1 has the form of a bent lever with a right ange between its arms and turns about fixed axis 0. Arm 0n of link 1 is connected by a sliding pair to slider 3 and arm 0m by a sliding pair to slider 2. Link 4 is connected by turning pair B to slider 3 and by a sliding pair to cross-shaped slider 5 which has guides perpendicular to each other. Slider 5 moves along fixed guides t-t whose axis is parallel to axis 0y. Slider 5 is connected by turning pair A to slider 2. When link 1 turns about axis 0, point B describes parabola q-q, and points E and F describe branches s-s and s'-s' of the conchoid of parabola q-q. The equation of the conchoid is (y²+x²)(y²-2px)²=d²y⁴. $1154$LG,Ge$

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