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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Charles Tyroler, Quadri-Science, Inc.

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Fromi J, Lederberg To: Quadri-Science 1. &J&g&&e for z&j&,&&fic &l&patAO~ f am delighted at the indications of progress toward8 an affiliation. I am ionfident that it will be profitable in its own right, but farf more important that it will be invaluable to us in our own services, and algo that we can help a great deal to improve its con- tribution to scientific communination. 2. s. Allison's rewrt can't help but make one quizzical. But why .on't we get together to research the fundamental iesues in a ?roblex like this an3 come up with a more basic anbwer. How could a soil stabilizer 6f.Wif work, and how would we go about designing one from first princi$es? Are we a..*- proaching this problem the way we would hope to for one of our a& outside clients? Alchemy doesn't appeal to me at all. As a first guess, I would assume we need to identif.y a cheap polyelsctrolyte, more basic than Separan @polyamide), to cross- link exposed silicate ions on clay particles. (Separan is already use2 for facili- tating agglutination of clays and other sols, but probably doesn't bond firmly emough.) It would probably be advantageous to have cationic clusters on a larger polymer, Apart from some obvious, and po8sibly too expensive organic :mlyiners, I think of somtheing like hjrdraeine or ethylene diamine plus oolysilicate as the "glue". Is this too naive, at least as a starting point? Does anyone of us anti whether this problem has already been beaten in to tne ground from this stand- ::li.nt#* If notg, shouldn't we have a conul$ing staff that we could pay to give '.!S t-3 "state-of-the-art" report for further oonsideration? Urey is probably right abut what the "bugs" would eventually do to an organic stabilizer. I am reminded that they nay be some clues on soil6crumb stabilization from P!onsantofs (expensive) soil conditioner. 3. Du* They are the last people I would have thought to come in on the bait, andXam 8o dubious tzGh0 they will really bite that I should just

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