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Aspects of urban design in an ancient Maya center: El Pilar, Belize.

  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology.
  • Design


Research on Maya centers have focused on monogenic descriptions assuming a uniqueness of design rather than looking at Maya centers as systems encompassing multiple functions as well as an innate strategy of urban design. The analysis of Maya architecture, in particular, has often become a pseudonym for the study of individual structure's chronology rather than an examination of structures using architectural theory and method. Using data from the site of El Pilar, this thesis examines the restricted ways in which Maya urban centers have been architecturally analyzed in the past and will incorporate those methods, into the wider scope of architectural theory to propose a holistic analysis of one center. This analysis places ancient Maya regional centers, such as El Pilar, in a broader comparative context, one that readily enables comparisons between other regional Maya centers as well as the cities of other world cultures.

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