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Community economic expansion continues: summary of the quarterly survey of the economic situation in the Community. Information Memo P-51/65, July 1965/ Includes French text.

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6f EUNOPEAN ECONOMIC CO!{MUNITY Officlal Spokesman of the Comnlssion I'l&rary Gop, 2] avenue d e la Joyeuse Erntr6e Brlesef s 4 telephone 15r00.IiO Bnrse.els, P-51 /55INFORMATION MEMO July 1955 Comnunity Econonlc- &cpansi.on Continues , Sunnar{ gf the Qua:rterl.}r Survey of the eco4onic silggtionin the.Coronunity The EEC comurigslon has just published. its euarterly survey($o. 2/1965)of the economio situatlon in ttre Cornmunity, For the Conmunity as a who}e and. for the various member oountriesthe Surney clescrlbes the nain featuree of the eoononlc sltuatlon inthe flrst quarter and.ln the spring of 1)6J, deveLcpnent prospecteuntil the end of the year ancl the econonio poLlcy ploblerns arislng.It also giveq tentative forecastg estabLish;d by-the Connlssionrsstaff for 1966. The CouncLl t s reconnenclatlon of 8 April 1965 to the l,[enber States on the econonic poLicy to be foLlowed. titr the entl of 1955 and, an Opinion rend.ered. in thls oonneotion on e5 March 1g6j ly tire short-tern Eoononic policy conmittee are given in annexes. rn the surrrey ltself the comuissr.on raports that econonie expansion conttnued. ln the conmrnity aa a whole during the firstquarter of 1965 antl in the spring. . The adjusted trend. of erternal demand. rae nearly as rlvery asin the last quarter of 1954. In the first quarter tire year*lnlyeargrowth rate of the Comnunityts goods exportJ to non-nemier countries waer no less than 1?/o by value (accorcling to external trade statistics),although certaln speoial- faotors, like ihe d.ockerst strikes in theUnitetl States and. ia Antwerp and. expeotation of a cut in the Onitecl.Klngdon inport surchargi at the end. of April tended to slon aotivityd.own for a tiue. fhe und'erlying trend. of lnternal d.emancl ln nonetary terne a]so remaj-ned. cl.eold-edly expansive; the actual growth rate ml,y have shr:unka little, however, largely owing to fartering lnvestnent in stocks, Gross fixed. asset fornatl-on probably continuecl to increase,ln generall at nueh th

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