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Indikationen fur den Praeprothetischen chirurgischen eingriff an der Hypertrofischen schleimhaut

School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatian Dental Society - Croatian Medical Association
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The authors start from the point that there is usually a hypertrophy (hyperplasia) of the submucosa and that the main body of the hyperplastic tissue is placed there, the mucosa is just accomodating to an enlarged and modified base. Hypertrophy of the mucosa develops on an atrophic ridge as a consequence of the atrophy of the alveolar process. Therefore we must at the same time treat the mucous hypertrophy and the atrophy of the alveolar ridge, otherwise the cause of the hypertrophy is not removed. This experiance enabled the authors to systematize their material and consequently the problems and operative methods for their treatment. Hypertrophy of the soft tissue can develop on a part of the alveolar ridge or on the entire alveolar process. It is most frequent in the movable mucosa, on the edge of the prosthesis but it can involve the entire movable mucosa or gingiva propria. These locations can be in combination. The form of the hypertrophic mucosa can be heterogeneous in different locations, but on the other side, it can be of a different configuration on equal locations. All these different problems have influence on the choise of the surgical method, whether one of them is applied or a combination of two or more. The plan of operation must envisage the final result by choosing an adequate operative method, as well as the behaviour of different and even changed tissues in their interrelationship. The result is relevant, becaus that is the aim, but the procedure which led to it is not irrelevant. Comparison of different operative methods in connection with the hypertrophic condition and the obtained result is in fact the evaluation of every particular method. The evaluation of the operative method on a given material results in a systematization of both pathologic conditions and the methods useful in such conditions. The author systematize the operative methods in connection with the location of the hypertraphy, ist size and configuration. They decide upon the cases when only an excision of the hypertrophy can be applied, when an excision up to the periosteum, and when a transplantation of the mucosa or a skin fragment (Tiersch’s graft ). They discuss the aims of the methods developed on the Department for Oral Surgery of the Stomatologic Faculty in Zagreb , as for instance open method, closed method, and the replantation of the hypertrophic mucosa which at same time cures the atrophy of the alveolar ridge and the mucous hypertrophy. By a combination of these methods it is possible to cure hypertrophies of any extent, location or configuration in an appropriate manner.

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