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Partiideologi eller partiprogram? En studie av den ideologiska utveckling som avspeglas i Vänsterpartiet Kommunisternas/Vänsterpartiets partiprogram från 1972 till 2008

Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen
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  • Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna
  • Vänsterpartiet
  • Ideologi
  • Kvantitativ Innehållsanalys
  • Partiprogram
  • Kommunism
  • Socialism
  • Law And Political Science
  • Ecology
  • Political Science


The relationship between the programs of the Swedish Left party and communist ideology is a vexed question, since the party has tried to transform itself from a communist party to a broad left party. This study describes the development of the ideology of the Left party as expressed in their party programs from the 1970’s until today. This development is examined with a content analysis. To complement this study an investigation of various political issues mentioned in the programs are studied with a text analysis. Four perspectives are presented to explain the findings: the effect of neo-liberalism on the political climate in Sweden, the Left party’s former relationship to the Soviet Union, the party acting as an independent operator, and the party leaders influence on the party. The main results are that the party programs have evolved from a dominating communist ideology to being influenced by a socialist ideology instead. Moreover, the party programs indicate that the number of political issues has increased during the years and that the party nowadays besides socialism has a feminist and ecological profile.

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