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Letter from Marcus S. Brooke to Joshua Lederberg

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DEPARTMENT OF SACTERIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL 28 SHATTUCK STREET BOSTON IS, MASSACHUSETTS Jan. 24th. 1955 Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Department of Genetics, University of Msconsin, Madison, WISCONSIN. Dear Dr. Lederberg, Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply to my request. I would indeed be obliged if yau could keep a lookout for mutants which recuire both thiamine and purires. I am afraid my last letter to you was somewhat carelessly worded but what I am interested in are three kinds of mutants, preferably from the same parent strain: (1) strains which require thiamine and purines; (2) t i s ra ns which require thiamine and (3) strains which require purines. I would be very much obliged if you could let me have some of the stocks which you carry which have thiamine dependence and some of those which have purine dependence. The other auxotrophic markers should probaally not prove embarrassing. Once again my very best thanks for your assistance. Yours sincerely, /$d.Q PA* M.S. Brooke

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