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"Mrs. Mathematics:" Reminiscences of Broward County

Florida Atlantic University
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"Mrs.Mathematics:" iRetniniscences of iBroward (Cou'ntg* by Myra Mcilvaine Marshall I GROWING UP IN TAMPA , Myra Mcilvaine Marshall, was born in Tampa, Florida, on June 23, 1892. My mother, Carolyn Maude Taylor, moved with some members of her family to Tampa from Helena, Arkansas, where she was born. After taking a boat down the Mississippi River, they reached New Orleans where they boarded a Gulf steamship for Tampa. There she met and married Victor Bledso Mcilvaine, a native Floridian who was born on Cedar Key, Florida. They hurried their marriage in order to take the last train per- mitted to leave Tampa on August 12, 1888, because of the yellow fever scare. They honeymooned in Evinston, Florida, where papa's two year old son lived with his aunt, Mary Avery. I am the fourth in a family of seven children. I marvel that mama and papa, a wholesale fish dealer, could do so well by such a large family. Mother was a graduate of the now extinct Mary Sharpe College in Winchester, Tennessee. She always was interested in music and supplemented the family finan- ces by giving piano lessons. Her family had moved her loveLy rose- wood piano from Arkansas to Tampa. Later, a beautiful table was made from the piano and it now is in my sister Ruth's house in Talla- hassee. Papa's formal education ended in the fifth grade when he left his physical science textbook outdoors and it was ruined by rain. His family couldn't afford another. In spite of that, papa was a well edu- cated man who was self-taught. Mama was always buying sets of books on the installment plan. One of my fondest memories is of papa reading and reclining in his easy chair, feet propped up on a hassock, while I or one of the other children combed and re-combed his curly hair. Each of us who reached college age received a e.ollege education. I remember when my half-brother Eugene, called home from Washing- ton & Lee University because of the death of a younger sister, received a telegram from his instructor in Real Estate Law tel

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