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Research and innovations committee a new outlook for the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI).

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European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging Advance Access published January 14, 2013 LETTER TO THE EDITOR doi:10.1093/ehjci/jes322 Research and Innovations Committee a new outlook for the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) The cardiovascular imaging is changing fast. New technologies, new practices are facing an important rise in the cost of cardiovascular imaging.1 To be recommended in the guidelines,2 new therapeutic agents or devices must have been validated in large observational studies or regis- tries and, even better, in randomized studies. This has been the case for cardiac resynchroni- zation therapy as well as for recent pharmaco- logical agents. We have not yet such exigency for imaging techniques but it might evolve in the near future. However, it exists an increasing necessity to demonstrate that our main imaging techni- ques and measurements, used in our daily practice, are useful and capable of improving our ability to better treat our patients. In add- ition, the need of establishing how imaging may affect clinical decision-making and outcome of cardiovascular diseases may become a prerequisite to the use of new technologies in the near future. Furthermore, it appears urgent to organize our community and our association in order to promote and conduct large multicentre studies or registries in the field of imaging. That is one of the goals of the new board of the EACVI and its current president, Pr Patrizio Lancellotti. The EACVI research committee aims at cre- ating a research network for large-scale quality andoutcome studies in order tohighlight the ro- bustness of echo- and other imaging modalities in clinical cardiology. This committee has the ambitious of becoming an original platform for discussing the development of imaging proto- cols and helping launch imaging studies in Europe. To join our research network, we urge you to become member of the EACVI and have your laboratory accredited. EACVI has prepared a first mul

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