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Non-selective growth of SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor layers at 700C with dual control of n and p type dopant profiles

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This paper describes the growth of the collector, base and emitter layers of a SiGe HBT in a single epitaxy process. A non-selective SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor growth process at 700C has been developed, which combines n-type doping for the Si collector, p-type doping for the SiGe base and n-type doping for the Si emitter cap. Control of the collector doping concentration by varying the growth conditions is shown. The boron tailing edge from the SiGe base into the Si emitter layer was removed by interupting the growth process with a hydrogen flow after the SiGe base growth but before the Si emitter growth to remove the dopant gas from the chamber. The layer thicknesses are compared using three different analytical techniques: SIMS, TEM and spectro-ellipsometry. A good agreement was obtained for the three different methods.

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