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Peripheral Aromatic L-Amino Acids Decarboxylase Inhibitor in Parkinsonism. I. EFFECT ON O-METHYLATED METABOLITES OF L-DOPA-2-14C

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The effects of MK-486, an inhibitor of peripheral aromatic L-amino acids decarboxylase, on the urinary metabolites derived from orally administered L-Dopa-2-14C were studied in three Parkinsonian patients. Treatment with MK-486 before L-Dopa-2-14C markedly reduced radioactivity found in catecholamines fraction by 70-80% during 48 hr, but increased 3-O-methyldopa fraction by threefold, as compared with a nonpretreated base line value. Pretreatment with MK-486 for a period of 1 wk resulted in less inhibition of O-methylated amine and acid metabolite fractions than that measured after a single dose of the inhibitor.

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