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Insecta Mundi
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DjVu Document 64 Insecta Mundi -------~============================ ============s~ '==.========== P. o. Box 140429, Gainesville, FL 32614-0429 The Center for Systematic Entomology is a non-profit support organization for systematic entomology at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, as well as fur the systematics community in general Becoming a membet of this organization lends your support for curation and systematic studies at the FSCA and any related activities such as field studies and grants to individuals, for the enhancement of systematics and the FSCA. As the Center increases its endowment, a priority goal is to increase systematic studies of arthropods of the world in general. In 1990 a gIants plOgulIn was begun with up to $600 in two individual gIants pet yeat, for studies on FSCA specimens or for other systematic studies related to the development of the FSCA and our knowledge of ard!I"UpOd biology and taxonomy. Two grants were awarded in 1990. This is a useful program that we hope to continue at higher rates in the future and with your support In 1991 the CSE has commenced publication of the scientific journal Insecta Mundi, which was previously published by Sandhill Crane Press. We hope you will provide your support of this excellent ne'll journal, now in its fifth volume, and also subscribe, which as a member you receive at 20% off the subscription rate. ======================~====================== Insecta Mundi is now the official journal of the Center for Systematic Entomology (Sandhill Crane Press published the journal for volumes 1-4). This quarterly scientific journal devoted to systematic entomology, and offering free page charges to subscribers, provides for rapid publication (within 3-6 months) in a large format (8 1/2 x 11 inches), and a peer-reviewed journal. Color illustrations can be included at modest cost. The journal is also indexed in an major abstracting services. Systematic entomology is greatly benefitted by this joumal. Your separate su

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