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Způsob řešení problematiky domácího násilí ve městě České Budějovice

Publication Date
  • Domácí Násilí
  • Gender
  • Násilná Osoba
  • Terapie Násilných Osob
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gender
  • Violent Person
  • Therapy Of Violent Persons


This diploma paper deals with the problems of domestic violence. The work itself is divided into two separate consequential parts. Theoretical part is pointed at general description of particular topics concerning domestic violence. These topics are also systematically classified. Theoretical findings lead to the main aim of the theory, which is the chapter violent person. The practical part sets two goals. The first one was to prove that the attitude of the ordinary people to the sufficient work with violent person is negative, which has been proven in my survey. Second goal was to make up a hypothesis in terms of work with the violent person.

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