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Heterogeneous vs. homogeneous catalysis in manufacturing of terbinafine a case study for route selection of an industrial process

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s0167-2991(97)80884-1
  • Ecology
  • Economics


Abstract The antimycotic agent terbinafine can be prepared from the vinylchloride 1 and tert.-butyl-acetylene 2 using different homogeneous or heterogeneous palladium-catalysts. Alternatively terbinafine was synthesized from the allyl acetate 3 and N-methyl-N-(α-methylnaphtyl)-amine 4 with the aid of a polystyrene-supported Pd(PPh3)4-catalyst. All processes gave terbinafine in high yield and stereoselectivity. For the selection of a new production process of terbinafine ecological, economical, and technical aspects are compared.

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