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Public works contracts. Information Memo P-45/65, June 1965. Includes French text

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ll r 'rT NIFORMAfION UEMO Publtc rorkE aortr&ctg fhe Connlsslon is to .present to the Council of Minlsiere a number of aqendnents to lts propooel of 16 Maroh 1964 for a Council d,lrective on freedon of establlshnent and eervicee ln the +ield of Bublic Forks oontracte. " Und,er A:ntlola I49 of the Treaty of Roner the Conniealon ls aLlowerl to a^nend. any proposal. on vbloh the Councll baE not aotecl.tpartloularly ln cases rbere the Eu3epean Parl.iament hag been congulted. lhe oplntong rend.eled, by tbe Es6n66ic ancl Soolal 0onnlttee encl tbe European ParLlament on 9 Decenber 1954 and 23 Marcb 1.955 respectlveLy broadly reflect the vlers of ths maln European lnterest groupg conoerned (1oca1 authortties, ralIwatrrs, publlc enterprl.soe, the artisan sectotr antl entreprenours), The changea atrggesteiL by tha Parllanent andl the Conmlttee a^re radloall and. tbe Commlseton aonsLdexedl that a good oaee coulil !s nad.e for noet of then ln the Counoll, It was tberefore d.eenEdpreferable to submit an entlrsly.recast verglon of tho proposal to the Counail, Slnce thls verglon ig lntended to reflect the opinlons rendered. by the Parl.ianent bndt tbe Econonls and Sooial Conrmittee, lt w111 not be necessary to consuXt these boclles furthlere The CornnrlgsLonrg anenclments $etre tnaplred by the needl tor (a,) Sinpltfy the enttre quota systen by wbicb Member $tateo are allowedl, oertatn clrcunste^nces, te euependl the award. of Bublic works oontraote to natlonals of other Meurber Statee dturing tbe transitlon perlod.S (l) Inprove on the ru11ng prohiblttng dliorininatory teohnioal lspeolfioaliona, whlch res not aonor.dsred euffioiently eryltclt in the inttial proposal; (o) Draw a clearer line betwe.en tbe scoBe of the proBosal antl that of Directlve Xo. 64/429 (freealm of estabttibnent ancl freedom to eupply ge:nrtces of eelf-ernployerl.percons in lndustrial ancl. artlsan actlvities), lgeued. by the Counpll on f July 1964, 1.6.r followlng sulmlssion of the inttl.aL Bropoeall .^1*

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