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Laparoscopic Unroofing and Aspiration-Sclerotherapy in the Management of Symptomatic Simple Renal Cysts

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Simple renal cysts are quite common in adults with an incidence that increases with age. Sclerosant treatment is very common, but the recurrence rate is high. Results are still under investigation for laparoscopic approaches and their long follow-up periods. Between 1998 and 2004, 21 patients were diagnosed with symptomatic renal cysts in our clinics. Initially, all patients underwent aspiration-sclerotherapy with 95% ethanol, the most common sclerosant, under ultrasound, fluoroscopy, or CT guidance. For those with sclerosant therapy failure, the laparoscopic unroofing method was used. Like open surgery, laparoscopic unroofing of the cyst appears to be effective by not only removing part of the cyst wall, but more importantly, by providing adequate drainage of the cyst. After sclerotherapy, 71% of the patients had recurrent pain and cyst on follow-up (at mean 14 months). This group of patients was cured with the laparoscopic unroofing method and there is still no recurrence.We emphasize the unroofing method as better than single session sclerotherapy. And also, laparoscopic unroofing of the cyst is more predictable and has better results than sclerotherapy aspiration.

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