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The classical late Weichselian climatic fluctuations in Mexico

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THE CLASSICAL LATE WEICHSELIAN CLIMATIC FLUCTUATIONS IN MEXICO Klaus Heine Regensburg University, FRG INTRODUCTION With respect to the c lass ica l Late Weichselian cl imatic f luctua- tions (Fig. 1) of the Netherlands and Western and Central Europe many sc ient ists t r ied to establish s imi lar chronostratigraphies of cl imatic variations for other parts of the world (e.g. Chi le, Western North America, New Zealand, South Antarctica). Recent investigations give more and more evidence that the c lass ica l West European chronostratigraphy of the Late Weichselian in many detai ls is a regional stratigraphy and cannot be transferred to other areas of the world. Therefore i t is necessary to focus our attention on many different parts of the world, especially on the tropics and sub- tropics in order to establish a great number of seperate chrono- stratigraphies. I w i l l present here the results of investigations carried out during the last two decades in the central Mexican highland (Puebla/Tlaxcala area, Fig. 2) by many sc ient ists which were involved in the German-Mexican "Mexico Project" of the DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGSGEMEINSCHAFT. The conclusions concerning the Late Quaternary cl imatic history of the central Mexican highland are based on the results of research in geomorphology, tephrochronology, palaeopedology, and palaeoclimatology. I. CHRONOLOGY OF GLACIAL DEPOSITS, EASTERN CORDILLERA NEOVOLVANICA, MEXICO In many papers I have reported on the late Quaternary chrono- stratigraphic Situation of the central Mexican volcanoes 95 N.-A. MOmer and W. Karlen (eds.), Climatic Changes on a Yearly to Millennial Basis, 95-115. © 1984 by D. Reidel Publishing Company. Z CS (0 C o 2 s UJ a • § (0 u ff £ UJ (— flä • s w y I z * 3 8 2 UJ O ü u. "O AL :od: bo • o IG WARM PB YD COLD YD AL COOL AL COOL MD BO MD 010 WARM BO 010 COLD COLD UD HOLOCENE NORTH BAY I. VALDERS S. TWOCREE

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